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Full Lace Light Yaki 22" Indian Remy Human Hair Wig Review

  • One of the better quality Virgin Remy Indian Hair products.
  • The Full Lace Wig Light Yaki 22" Indian Remy is one of the finer quality Remy Wigs in the market available and especially suited for African American ladies who are looking to purchase a wig that looks natural. 
  • If you look at the product sample pictures, you will see how it resembles natural jet black African hair along with natural baby hair. 
  • And because it is Pure Virgin Remy Indian Hair, it has a beautiful shine and bounce to it.
  • The hair very soft and can be tied up into a ponytail so wear it straight or style it.
  • It is available in a variety of sizes (the sample shown is 22") and lace colors (the sample show is #1B) so it does come from light to medium but remember pure Remy is not treated.
  • This Full Lace Wig has double knots ie Hairline single knots rest double knots.
  • Lace is good quality Swiss variety. This is one of the higher range Virgin Remy Indian Hair Wigs and Remember it is an entire wig so you don't need to purchase extensions so just buy a Remy wig and you're good to go.
  • The 22" length is beautiful as it runs down the length of your back and really accentuates your face. It has that long sweeping look that takes everyone's eyes adoringly from top to bottom (refer to the top right picture of how the wig will look from behind....gorgeous!)
  • The vendor through the link below is known for it's speedy delivery times and great customer service so look them up.
Full Lace Light Yaki 22" Indian Remy Human Hair Wig is available here for $325 but be sure to browse the 7 new options, the cheapest from $250 onwards before you make your choice of the best suited Virgin Remy Indian Hair for yourself.

This is how the Full Lace Remy Wig looks with styling  

Not Recommended Remy Hair - Sarah's Hair Extensions 20" Jet Black Full Head Clip In Review

  • I would suggest you steer clear from this product if you want to buy Virgin Remy Indian Hair. Bad reviews are doing its rounds and I recommend you shop around for other (look under my Remy Recommendations or other Remy Reviews) but this is one Remy hair product that you should stay away from.  Look at the negative reviews too.

    No wonder they supposedly increased the weight of the hair extensions to 120g weight. For the price of $89.99 these Clip In Hair Extensions, it is totally not worth it.

    • Full of tangles so don't even think of styling (cuts, curled, blow dried and straightened)
    • Impure mix of blonde and gray hairs so surely not the highest grade of natural human hair.
    • The 8 piece set of clip ins will not fit complete heads and you would need to purchase more so no, its not the coverage for the full head.

    So be careful what you go for,  Sarah's Hair Extensions 20" Jet Black Full Head Clip In's should be avoided at all costs. For various other high quality Virgin Remy Indian Hair products, browse around categories, pages and posts on this blog and you'll find something that will vibe well with you.

Luxury Lace Brand Brazilian Natural Straight Lace 20" Wig Review - Better Than Virgin Remy Indian Hair?

Is the Luxury Lace Brand Brazilian Natural Straight Lace 20" Wig Better Than Virgin Remy Indian Hair? Now I got to admit, I was drawn to this product because of 2 features:

I saw 20 in. Luxury Lace Brand Brazilian Natural Straight Lace Wig Color #1 with Free Shipping (the "free shipping" and the product picture itself and felt an impulsive curiosity to check it out)

Now that's a big deal for me since, as you know if you've been following this blog, that I solely swear by Indian Remy only so Brazilian Remy? Woah, that's a bit of a big no-no for me.

Anyway, here's my discussion of the pros and cons of the Luxury Lace Brand Brazilian Natural Straight Lace 20" Wig product below.

  • This wig is handmade which is any time better than factory manufactured, not to forget it IS natural human hair, Brazilian hair. It is full of life and body.
  • Secondly, it is a natural Straight Lace wig.
  • Though I don't agree that it is more durable than Virgin Remy Indian Hair or the Chinese counterpart, Brazilian Remy Human Hair IS rare to find in comparison, almost like European Remy Human Hair.
  • For this reason, the scarcity tactic makes a lot of women think it is far better than it's Asian varieties which makes celebs choose them which in turn makes the followers of trends go for these. Do you see what I mean? So if you tend to want to be in fashion and like to use what the stars use, this is the best bet.
  • I do agree about the texture point made that can be very strong so there's another winning point in my books.
  • I prefer wigs that have a lighter density around the perimeter and gradually get thicker throughout. This is a much more natural look.
  • When it comes to natural looking hair, it also appears just as natural hair grows from the scalp so an added bonus.
  • It survives styling from curling tongs to flat ironing and still last a long time, running up to 2 years if taken care of properly.
  • Best part about this particular wig is it's freestyle parting which means you can part it anywhere or just tie up a ponytail.
  • I do think the price is a steep but for the quality and durability, you take into consideration how long you want your wig to last and then you decide to make a purchase.
The cap size is Medium and the measurements are as follows: 
1-Circumference - 22.5" 
2-Front to nape - 14.5" 
3-Ear to Ear across the forehead - 11.5" 
4-Ear to Ear over top - 12.5" 
5- Temple to Temple - 14.5" 
6-Nape of neck - 5.5" 
The hair density goes from 100-120% it has a lighter density around the perimeter and gradually gets thicker throughout. 

Go to the better price of Luxury Lace Brand Brazilian Natural Straight Lace 20" Wig at this link and share your comments.

MilkyWay Saga Gold Remy Yaky 100% Human Hair Weave Review

The MilkyWay Saga Gold Remy Yaky 100% Human Hair Weave is very reasonably priced and of a very high quality. This post is for those who want Virgin Remy Hair at the most competitive rate.

I went digging for one that ticked both criteria for a cousin sister who was frantically looking and found everything out of her budget. Now I considered it my personal challenge as a Remy Goddess who loves everything to do with Remy hair so I was put on the assignment.

Saga Gold is generally known to be affordable and of good reputation. The picture to the left is the advertized size 12, medium brown.
  • ~ An Amazon verified purchase gave this product a big thumbs up and in her words "I always tell my clients that you hair is an investment and this hair is great. It does not tangle and if it does its not a hassle to get out or it is time to shampoo. I wish I could show you a photo of my hair!!! "
  • ~ It has an unidirectional alignment which allows for elimination of all harsh chemical treatments that typically cause tangles and breakage
  • ~ Has combination of different lengths of hairs so that it gives a layered look and since it is not full to the end
  • ~ Hair is thicker, stronger and healthier.
  • ~ Hardly sheds and thins out especially in comparison to cheaper brands. (Remember all shed from time to time so you need the better quality ones with least shedding with affordability)
  • ~ The price = A reviewer said regarding buying from Amazon "Also the prices here are great compared to stores and some other online sites that charge too much." And I totally agree. (read lexi's review)
  • ~ You can get 10' for $19.99 while local beauty stores ask for $35.99 for the very same product.
  • ~ It is one of the smoothest, bounciest, and most lustrous hair in the market.
  • ~ Remains mostly straight but can be curled easily so if you prefer straight hair most of the time then this is ideal.
  • ~ Comparatively it is manageable as well as tangle and shed free.
  • ~ It will look great after the first wash.
  • ~ If you have naturally relaxed hair, this product will suit you perfectly as it will blend well.
The only con I can think of is that if you can go a bit higher with the price range you will get the added benefit of better quality Remy hair and I would recommend the Bobbi Boss Indi Remy. You can find my posts on this post here on the Best Virgin Remy Indian Hair.

Overall, as I said earlier for affordability AND good quality rolled in one, this is one of the few that stand out from the rest and is definitely recommended. So go to this discounted link to get the best offer on MilkyWay Saga Gold Remy Yaky 100% Human Hair Weave.

My Tips For MilkyWay Saga Gold users:
  • ~ For shedding and general lack of lustre to your hair extensions and weaves, remember moisturize , moisturiz, moisturize. Treat it like you would your own hair. Actually, better than that because you paid for it and it didn't come free like that hair on your head so be sure to squeeze every penny out of your beauty investment.
  • ~ Remember for longer lasting pieces, you would need to invest more but if you want a quick 6-12 month run of your time and money, go for this MilkyWay Virgin Remy Indian Hair.

Bodywave Indian Remy Lace Front Wig 20" Review - Plenty Of Virgin Remy Indan Hair Pros For This One

Miss Wig is selling a beautiful Bodywave Indian Remy Wig and the one you see above is the 20" Lace Front Wig. I agree with other reviewers on the quality of this Virgin Remy Indian Hair and I particularly favor Virgin Remy wigs over Virgin Remy extensions.

What sets this Indian Remy Hair apart?

  • Unique feature is the baby hair at the front hairline. Totally love it!
  • The natural look of this wig is amazing. I particularly like the bounce and I think the natural wave has a role to play in that feature. Can't make out that you're wearing a wig.
  • Can be styled easily without having to worry about damaging it. Choose to keep it silky yet wavy smooth or curl it further or go back to blow drying it straight, and you could you even crimp it like I did. So all in all, no need to worry about using the iron for styling. It will take the heat brilliantly.
  • Talking about styling, it can be worn as a high ponytail.
  • Does not tangle easily compared to a lot of Remy hair wigs.
  • Will survive a lot of washes. See Cons section for texturization unique feature.
  • It has a natural looking part (always keep your eyes peeled for this feature because this really makes wigs stand out)
  • You can wear it everyday or use it as a wig when you want a change of look.
  • The hair line - Light density at front hairline fades into a thicker medium density that goes all through the wig. 

Wig Measurements:
  • Circumference: 22.5" 
  • Front to nape: 14.5" 
  • Ear to ear across forehead: 12" 
  • Ear to ear over top of head: 13.5" 
  • Temple to temple around rear: 14" 
  • Nape: 5"
  • The baby hair part is bleached and the hair is slightly treated i.e. texturized to a permanent body wave pattern. If you've read my posts, you will know I only favor all natural, non-treated Indian Remy hair. However, because of this texturization, you get a beautiful wig that will hold curls so is super suitable for styling.
  • It is slightly more curly than what is depicted in the Amazon thumbnails, which I find is an indication of good quality hair. Read my post here about Virgin Remy hair to be sure why this can actually mean you have very good quality hair in your hands. So this slight texture difference will prove to be an advantage. Pay attention to Remy hair that has cuticles intact. 
  • The price - If you are torn between deciding on whether to invest in this wig, here is what you need to consider. 
If you are buying these for long lasting good quality, then you should invest in Bodywave Indian Remy Lace Front Wig, which will better suit you and will give you a better return on investment over time.

However, if price is your main concern, you should get the Janet Collection Indian Remy Full Lace Wig. While they aren't so good if you quickly want a Remy wig which won't break bank these will get the job done. You can buy it by clicking here for a discount rate through Amazon.

So my overall rating for Bodywave Indian Remy Lace Front Wig 20":

Luxury Lace 18" Malaysian BodyWave Full Lace Wig Review

If you notice my Amazon favorites carousel above, you'll actually see this piece, a "Malaysian" piece. Despite standing by the highest quality of Indian Remy hair, I have to say this is beautiful and I am going to give this a try. Is Malaysian Remy Wig discussed here better than Virgin Remy Indian Hair? Well, lets find out. While I was reviewing this, here is the information that helped me make the decision:

18 in. Luxury Lace Brand Malaysian BodyWave Full Lace Wig (Color #2)

  • ~ Amazon offers this with Free Shipping which is one of the predominant reasons I wanted to give this a fair go.
  • ~ I also noticed how natural this is and wherever I look, I only read positive reviews on this very same feature. Its natural-ness! It is designed to mimic the way your hair naturally grows out of your scalp.

Look at this close up of this Full Lace Wig above.

~ As I've noted previously, as I love digging up fabulous deals on Virgin Remy Indian Hair, Peoples Gifts is the only Authorized Vendor for the Luxury Lace Wig Co which means if you buy from another vendor without doing your authorization check, you could pay less but could end up with crap.

You'll end up wishing that you hadn't wasted your money. I know of some vendors that will not refund your purchase but only exchange it, and that too you'll be given the shortest guarantee, within which period you won't know if its the real deal or, thats right, "crap".

So keep that in mind when you choose a Full Lace Wig.

As for why I choose to highlight this despite it being Malaysian. If you go for high quality, sheer beautiful high quality, you may get by without using Indian.

Before continuing with my piece, I'd like to state for the record that Amazon says on its product site, that Malaysian hair is harder to come by so, it being rare, is more valuable. I'd like to argue that just because a commodity is rare that doesn't necessarily mean that it is more valuable, especially in this case. Which is good for us because we get to pay less AND get good quality.

  • ~ It is very soft and looks amazing in its natural wavy state.

  • ~ Easy to manage: It can be straightened, flat ironed or curled. Low chances of damage no matter what type of styling and treatment you apply.
  • ~ Especially nice is the freestyle part so you can choose a middle or either side part. Even wear a ponytail.
  • ~ Hair texture: Strong.
  • ~ Can last upto 5 years which is a return of investment.
  • ~ Cap size: medium; measurements: 1-Circumference:22.5" 2-Front to nape:14.5" 3-Ear to Ear across the forehead:11.5" 4-Ear to Ear over top:12.5" 5- Temple to Temple: 14.5" 6-Nape of neck: 5.5"
  • ~ Hair density goes from 100-120% it has a lighter density around the perimeter and gradually gets thicker throughout.
So overall I recommend it. If it smells, wash it  :-)  Check out Luxury Lace 18" Malaysian BodyWave Full Lace Wig here.

Luxury Lace 16" Indian Remy Full Lace Wig (Natural Kinky Color 1B) Review - Quality Virgin Remy Indian Hair

A very popular brand bought by happy customers is the Luxury Lace Indian Remy Full Lace Wig (Natural Kinky Color). It's one of the high end brands, the Prada or Gucci in Virgin Remy Indian Hair (ready my Virgin Remy Hair article page here to learn more about the importance of using Indian Remy.)

This here to the left shows the 16", 1B, Styled, Medium Hair Density of about 110-130%.

~ This wig has a freestyle hair design which means that it can be parted anywhere, either side and even styled with a pouffe or thrown back into a ponytail.

~ It looks completely natural  and processed to mimic Natural African American Hair texture.

~ It is hand made and not machine processed (another important point to consider when choosing high quality Virgin Remy Indian Hair)
That way it will look like hair that naturally grows out of your own scalp. Very realistic!

~ So soft to touch and very manageable.

~ The cap is of medium size with light brown Swiss Lace (if you've read my articles on Swiss Lace, you'll know this means the wig is of superior quality)

~ Cap size measurements:
1-Circumference:22.5" 2-Front to nape:14.5" 3-Ear to Ear across the forehead:11.5" 4-Ear to Ear over top:12.5" 5- Temple to Temple: 14.5" 6-Nape of neck: 5.5"

~ It has sealed knots and baby hair around the perimeter (lighter density around the perimeter and gets thicker gradually throughout the hair).

~ Does well with hair treatments and styling. It can even withstand the blow dryer and straightener. You can do practically anything to it and it will still behave.

~ Noticed after washing, it goes frizzy so behaves like natural hair would after a shower. This is especially beneficial if you are after the curly texture.

~ Least prone to damage in comparison to other brands.

~ If you take good care of this Remy hair, it should last you 2-3 years.


You can compare it with this, another supposed Luxury Lace wig which I would suggest you don't go for (read first):

This one to your left is an 18" Malaysian Full Lace Wig (it is NOT Indian). Again, I remind you to keep in mind the superiority of Indian versus other Remy hair (check out my posts Virgin Remy Wigs and Virgin Hair Extensions to find out more)

With 2" more, it will set you back by $40 additional than the higher Indian Remy quality hair.

Always check if the vendor you are buying from is authorized or not. A lot of times the price is not worth it and sometimes it is, so depends a whole lot on who you buy from and where your Remy hair comes from.

The one to your left costs more and I've heard negative reviews on it too so best to steer clear from it.You must look for Virgin Remy Indian Hair when you're shopping.

If you like Luxury Lace 16" Indian Remy Full Lace Wig Natural Kinky Color 1B, you might also like:


Bobbi Boss Indi Remy Natural Yaky & Ocean Wave Reviews

I discuss in the page tab above 'Virgin Remy Hair' on the importance of using pure Virgin Remy Indian Hair. Now, virgin hair is completely unprocessed without any kind of chemical treatment, be it color dyes, perms, relaxing agents and because of this natural state, the cuticles have been left undamaged. The reason it is important to keep the cuticles undamaged is so that hair doesn’t look dull. You want healthy, smooth and natural hair and Bobbi Boss Indi Remi Natural Yaky & Ocean Wave epitomizes this requirement. Here's my review of Bobbi Boss Indi Remi Natural Yaky 18" and Ocean Wave Virgin Hair 16":

~ The youtube user (video below) discusses this product here which I obviously like because of its sleek look.

 ~ She's hit the point I wanted to convey in my review. Exactly that Saga is definitely thicker. However, you want your hair to look natural, like its yours. And Virgin Remy Indian Hair does that normally, but it varies from brand to brand and product to product.

~ Another special pro is has minimal shedding, as far as I've noticed when I had it on a couple of months. Go here Bobbi Boss Indi Remi Natural Yaky 18".

~ My preference though, in this case, is the Ocean Wave. I love the texture and the color and would recommend this over the Natural Yaky.
~ You get to choose from 12", 14" and 16"

~ Soft and thin weft, along with sturdy and flexible features

~ Just love the color and the waves...something different to what I normally would wear. I usually go for the straight look!

~ Cheaper through here than other vendors after looking around.

Check out Bobbi Boss Indi Remi Ocean Wave Virgin Hair 16" here. Popularity for this Virgin Remy Indian Hair product is quickly picking up.

Other Bobbi Boss Remy products you might like - There's the 10" and the 12" of the same variety as the one discussed above (Natural Yaky) and then there's something exotic (French Wave) which I also quite like:

Sensationnel 100% Virgin Remy Indian Weave 14" Review

What's so special and what makes Sensationnel 100% Virgin Remy Indian Weave 14" unique from the rest? Here are some of the reasons I like Sensationnel's 14" Virgin Remy Hair Weave:

~ From the hair weaves I've worked with, come across, I find this to blend effortlessly beautifully.

~ Durability wise: I have found Sensationnel's range to be mostly full of products that are resilient to heat treatments. They generally are able to resist a lot of color treatment and perming too.

~ With experience using it, I noticed that washing it didn't have any adverse effects like some other Virgin Remy Indian Hair extensions or weaves because over time they show their true nature when you expose it to elements natural hair would.

In conclusion, Works wonderfully with heat, perm, color, wash, straightening treatment/exposure.
This attribute is due to its ESR-elastic feature which simply means for easy demanding.
So overall, I would rate it a >>>

You can head here to Sensationnel's 14" Virgin Remy Hair Weave to check it out. Be sure to buy Virgin Remy Indian Hair only for the highest quality wigs or extensions or weaves or clip ins. It is worth the investment.

You might also find these Sensationnel's products interesting:

VELVET Remy Human Hair Weave (Wet & Wavy) 12" Review

Velvet Remy Hair has been popular for a long time now. There weren't many reviews to go by so I decided to go for this and take the risk but it was totally worth it. It came with a funny smell which I can't really pinpoint what exactly but it was bearable. I managed to get rid of it with one session of shampooing and conditioning.

It feels very natural and I've styled it with no problems or hair shedding.

I would only go for Virgin Remy Indian Hair. This one was quite good so I would highly recommend it. The 12" Dark Brown/Off Black is cheaper than the 14" Dark Brown/Off Black so you could make do with a few shorter inches.

I like that its straight so I don't have to use a flat iron everyday though after a wash it does get a bit frizzy. I tried curling and didn't face any problems.

Overall worth every penny! You can choose from 10", 12", 14" to 18".
Check out VELVET Remy Human Hair Weave (Wet & Wavy) 12" here, one of the competitors of Bobbi Boss and the better Virgin Remy Indian Hair qualities out there.

You might also be interested in these other options:

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